Welcome to the first post on What’s Worth Your Time.  So what is worth your time?  Hopscotch?  Origami?  Playing with Porcelain Dolls?  Maybe, but that isn’t what this blog is about.  It’s about TV, movies, books, food and drink and whether it is worth your time to watch, read, eat or drink it.

We’re all busy people and we like to enjoy ourselves when we relax.  There is nothing worse than sitting down to relax by trying out a new TV show only to wish you had that hour of your life back.  Or, shelling out $20 for a movie, hoping that the money isn’t wasted.  Or, hating the book your reading, and fighting the urge to quit reading while pushing forward, hoping it will get better.  Or, going to that new restaurant only to overpay for a small portion of mediocre food (At least it is only a small portion of mediocre food –it might be worse if it were a large portion of mediocre food.)

This blog’s goal is to save you from wasting your time on the bad stuff, allowing you to focus on the good stuff.  In other words –I’m a critic.  After all, everyone is.  The problem with reading someone else’s critiques is that you don’t know their tastes.  They could love something that you hate, or vice versa.  So here is an outline of my tastes—

TV:  Let’s get this out of the way: I don’t watch “reality” TV, but I’m a big fan of sci-fi and fantasy shows.  You could say that the more unrealistic the show, the better the chance that I am going to like it.  The key elements to a successful show are in order of importance to me, are 1) characters: I will forgive many sins if I like the characters and want to root for them.  If I hate the protagonist, then the show is done for me.  2) Plot: Where is the show going?  If it is too difficult to follow, or doesn’t make sense, then it will lose my viewership, immediately.  Another example of something that gets me to stop watching a show almost immediately:  If the plot revolves around Person A not telling Person B something then there is no show, because why aren’t they talking?  3) Premise:  If you have an interesting premise, then I will tune in to check it out.  This however, only gets your foot in the door.  4) Acting: I can forgive bad acting.  I know many people who can’t, and will stop watching immediately.  Anything short of openly reading a cue card on camera I’ll probably tolerate.  I’ll try to point out bad acting for those less tolerant.

Movies: Fair warning, my Netflix queue is about three to four years behind the movie theater releases.  I, in general, look for the same things as in a TV show, though plot and premise have increased importance.  In addition, the ending needs to fit with the film.  It doesn’t need to be a happy ending, but it needs to make sense.

Books: I read a lot of High Fantasy.  You won’t find a review of a mystery novel here.  You will find some classic novels.  I branch out every so often into other genre’s, but don’t expect to see the Twilight
reviewed here.

Food & Drink: I love food.  I would describe myself as a “foodie.”  The only food I dislike is asparagus.  To me it tastes like licking a penny.  Other than that, I eat everything.  My favorite cuisine is Mexican food and I could probably eat it for every meal.  I eat all foods though, but when I go out, I tend to not get pasta because most of the time, I can make it just as well at home for a fraction of the cost.  A few idiosyncrasies: I prefer a cheese plate to a sweet desert and I am compelled to get French Onion Soup anytime it is on the menu.

By now, you now have a sense of my tastes.  If you agree with them, you can follow my blog and my recommendations.  If you don’t agree with them, follow my blog anyway,then just do the opposite!  Click on the Ratings Legend at the top of the page for a description of my ratings and an example in each category.

Finally, I hope that this blog is Worth Your Time.


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