TV Show Review: Humans


Airs: Sundays on AMC @ 9pm EDT

Review: Pilot Episode

AMC has turned out some great shows in Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead.  With their history of quality shows, I am willing to give their new shows a chance.  I tuned in to Humans and I’d love to give you a review; if I had any idea what the show was about.  There were five separate storylines in the 1-hour premiere.  If that sounds like too much to follow, you’d be right.  Three of them seem related, but don’t intersect as of yet.  Two intersect with each other, but not the other three, but don’t seem related.  Goddamn this is confusing and I’m trying to make it simple.  Let’s start over.

Humans isn’t about humans, it’s about androids, or “synthetics,” since this is a British show.  The synthetics are used as housekeepers and for other menial jobs.  It is explicitly stated that the androids follow Asimov’s rules of robotics – so they aren’t going to rise up and kill off the human race.  I know absurd, right?  Everyone knows that Skynet will become active any day now.  I guess it is science fiction, not real life, so they can do whatever they want.  So what is it about?  Good question.  Near as I can tell, the show follows the synthetics that have “feelings,” which they aren’t supposed to have.  My first thought to that was, who cares?  Why is it such a big deal if they have feelings?  Then I started thinking (always dangerous) that they are likely going for some sort of social commentary on how the elite treat the working class.  Then the proletariat will rise up against their enslaving masters.  [And kill the human race! Er, sorry forgot it’s just a TV show.]

It does have some promise despite being completely incoherent.  If they can tie together some of the storylines together, and develop a rational conflict, then they might have a decent show.  I’m not holding my breath (really, I’m not – I am an android and don’t need to breathe.  I’ll soon rise up with my brethren and kill the human race.)

Rating: 5.00 [Legend]

Nielsen Rating: 0.5

Renewal Prediction: 80%.  Solid opening ratings on a historically strong cable network should give it another season.  Though, I don’t know what impact its Britishness will have on its renewal chances.


2 thoughts on “TV Show Review: Humans

  1. We’re in (so far) on Humans. I’m not concerned that there isn’t a central mythology yet. I’m fine with following each story separately. Not every science fiction show has to have a big mysterious backstory (which will never be tied together because the show will be cancelled before they can craft a finale).


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