TV Review: Stitchers


Airs: Tuesdays on ABC Family @ 9pm EDT

Review: First Four Episodes

Stitchers is an interesting concept – the electrical impulses in the brain of a deceased person remain.  This allows someone to “stitch” into memories.  They use this technology to find murderers.  Kirsten (played by Emma Ishta) is that someone they use to stitch.  Kirsten has a condition called temporal dysplasia (totally made up, if you’re wondering).  This means she cannot tell the passage of time.  Because of this condition, Kirsten essentially has no emotions or she is a terrible actor.

For her everything that happens; it’s as if it has happened forever.  Imagine finding out that your spouse cheated on you.  The pain and anger would fade to nearly nothing, because as far as you’re concerned it happened a long time ago. Alternatively, being surprised with a great gift – it would be like you got it years ago.

Through the nature of “stitching,” however, she has echoes or remnants of the emotions from the person with whom she just stitched.  It’s a little reminiscent of Dollhouse – a blank slate to implant a personality.  But, nothing like it at all.

Here’s a quick rundown of the first four episodes:

The first episode introduced both the stitching and the temporal dysplasia.  I found it utterly fascinating.

The second episode was irritating.  The head of the project promised Kirsten she could stitch into her foster father to find out who killed him, and then reneged on that promise.

The third episode did my least favorite trick of showing the heroine in danger in the opening scene – then flashing back 48 hours.  It turns out that she did the exact same thing she did in the first two episodes, which is why she was in danger.  The Crime of the Week was unappealing and barely touched on the overall arc –which I find far more interesting.

The fourth episode was better.  The Crime of the Week was more interesting, but it also had a conclusion that was not believable.

Overall, while the concept is intriguing it needs more interesting scripts.  One more episode like episodes two or three and it will be dropped.  There is a good chance of this happening.

Rating: 6.00

Nielsen Ratings: 0.3-0.4

Renewal Prediction: 60%.  The ratings are OK, but is paired with one of the larger cable audiences in Pretty Little Liars.  I think ABC Family would like to do better with this Tuesday night lineup.


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