Food Truck Review: Churn & Burn


I was able to catch up with this food truck after missing them at Taco Fest.  I originally thought the name was Churro & Burro, which seems like an appropriate name for a Mexican food truck.  They are a BBQ & Ice Cream truck, so their name is actually Churn & Burn, which makes sense given their cuisine.

I opted for the pulled pork nachos for $9.  There was no wait time, unlike Taco Fest, which had wait times of 40 minutes to an hour.  Topped by neat lines of crema, queso fresco, and BBQ sauce spread over the nachos it made for a beautiful presentation.

One common “problem” with nachos is that chips often get soggy, bogged down by deliciousness; however, this truck used extra thick chips –no soggy chips here.  The trade off was their chip didn’t taste as good – needed more grease or salt (or both).  The pulled pork was awesome, succulent and flavorful.  The BBQ sauce was tangy, which I normally like, but somehow didn’t mesh with the rest of the meal.

Overall, all the individual components were very good (except the chips weren’t my favorite), but they didn’t quite have that harmonious flavor of nachos that looks like a disgusting mess on a plate, but explodes with flavor.  Still, hard to argue with great pulled pork, though I might opt for a sandwich option if they had it.

WWYT Rating: 7.9


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