TV Movie Review: Family for Christmas


Lacey Chabert stars in every Hallmark movie.  So it’s no surprise that she is the lead in Family for Christmas.  The premise is simple: If you wonder about something hard enough, it becomes a wish – and Christmas wishes always come true.  She wonders what it would be like if she had stayed with her ex-boyfriend, Ben.

She wakes up the next morning to find herself with two kids, a dog, and living in the suburbs.  As the movie progresses, we discover through the magic of Hallmark, that she is much happier as a stay-at-home mom, since she doesn’t know how to cook, know where the school is, and she gets annoyed when she has to walk the dog every day.  This is clearly better than having a boyfriend (not Ben) and successful career – about to get a promotion, and recognizable throughout San Francisco as a TV reporter.

Just when she is comfortable in the alternate reality, we are thrust back to the original timeline.  It turns out that the wish was just a what-if.  Most Hallmark movies at least imply a happily ever after in the final five minutes, but in this one we are left wondering why she would want to go back to a life that she was not very good at it.  The good news is that isn’t the only question we have when the movie ends.

  • Does she turn down the promotion?
  • Why doesn’t her boss/boyfriend know about her promotion?
  • Does she break up with her boyfriend before going out for coffee with Ben in the original timeline?
  • Where does Ben live in the original timeline?

I’ll give Hallmark the benefit of the doubt that she takes the promotion and starts a new life with Ben and she “has it all.”  It is a Hallmark movie after all.

Rating: 5.85                                 

Ranking: 47

46. Christmas Spirit

48. The Thanksgiving House


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