Race Report: DU Invitational

Imagine the lane lines perpendicular to this picture.
Imagine the lane lines perpendicular to the setup in this picture.

Yes, another race report.  A few weeks ago, I posted about the 5k ePostal.  This time I did much shorter races only more of them.  Earlier this summer I did a meet racing all the 50s (one length of the long course pool).  This time I did four of the five 200s (skipping the obvious).  Before the meet, I realized that the only goggles I had were mirrored or smoked goggles, because this is summer and I have been swimming outside.  This meet was indoors, so I stopped on the way to the meet to buy a new pair of goggles.  I got the last pair of my preferred goggles in stock– the Speedo Sprint.

200-meter Back – The first event of my day also happens to be my best, the 200-meter backstroke.  I hadn’t had a chance to do any starts with my new goggles, however.  After my start, the goggle covering my right eye started to leak a little bit.  It didn’t really slow me down, but it forced me to adjust my plans.  I wanted to work on my underwaters – a vital part of any backstroke event, and my underwater dolphin kick needs a lot of work.  I didn’t get a chance to work on this weakness, but I was able to keep a nice steady stroke.  I did try to work the last turn and carry it through on the final 50.  I ended up with a respectable time of 2:48 and close to an even split of 1:23 going out and 1:25 coming home.

200-meter Free – I had 23 minutes rest after my backstroke.  Not nearly enough time to fully recover before diving in for one of my least favorite events.  I was very concerned when I dove in and the man in the lane outside of me left me in his wake, but it’s not a good start when I am much slower than someone I am seeded faster than.  I swam my own race for the first 100-meters (1:14 split).  As I neared the end of the third length, I saw that I was catching the speed demon to my outside.  This spurred me on.  I picked up my pace and raced past him to a 1:18 second half.  It wasn’t a bad split, but it felt faster than that.  This definitely meant that the guy next to me either died really hard, or he was going for a 100-meter time – probably the latter, because otherwise I feel really, really sorry for him.  2:33 time overall time for me.

200-meter Individual Medley – I had more rest for this race, but I was far less motivated.  I didn’t want to race very hard.  So I didn’t.  I cruised the fly (as much as I can cruise it anyway) and the back.  I tried to work the breaststroke (as much as I can work the breaststroke anyway).  Finished strong(ish) for a 2:56.  I split a 1:22/1:34, not that splits mean much for an IM event.

200-meter Breaststroke – My worst stroke and it’s getting worse every day.  Again, I had very little rest and it was my fourth event in a short time frame – this event would be even worse than normal.  Before the race I asked the 55-59 Men’s 2015 Short Course Yards 200 Breast National Champion, how to swim this event.  He told me to take it easy for the first 100.  That was my rough plan anyway.  Those watching from the sideline said I stayed underwater a “crazy long time” off the start.  This is a good thing, since my breaststroke is terrible – the less I have to do the actual stroke, the better.  I tried to take long strokes on my opening 50, and then slowly increase my tempo as the race wore on.  I went out in 1:43 and came back in a 1:50 for a 3:33 time.

Overall, it was neither a bad meet nor a great meet.  It started well, and then got worse as the meet went along.  That was to be expected, with the quick turnarounds between events.  Something is terribly wrong with my breaststroke, and I hope I get it fixed soon.  It will be a long time before my next meet – October at the earliest.  So my loyal readers you can look forward to more snark about Hallmark movies soon.


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