TV Review: Murdoch Mysteries

murdoch mysteries

Airs: CBC (Yes, that is a Canadian channel.  No, I don’t get it) and Netflix

Review: Season 1+

The best way to describe Murdoch Mysteries is to call it CSI: Toronto.  A detective, William Murdoch, in Toronto uses science to solve murders.  What sets it apart from the CSI franchise is that it is set in the late 19th century.  Murdoch uses cutting-edge technology, like finger printing and X-rays, to solve crimes.

The best part of the show is definitely the characters.  They are more than likable, even if they are a bit cliché.  Why shouldn’t we like them?  They’re Canadian.  Have you ever met a Canadian you didn’t like?  Sure, there was probably that one French Canadian guy that was a bit arrogant, but he was mostly harmless.

If I have a complaint, though, while I am sure all the technology existed back then, it does feel like a bit of a stretch that one man knows about all of it.  It is a small quibble and easily ignored.

While this is a procedural, I would much rather watch Murdoch Mysteries than CSI: Butte starring John Wayne and Audrey Hepburn (actually that does sound kind of good, just don’t tell CBS – they’d probably try to make it, despite the obvious difficulties with the stars)

WWYT Rating: 7.5

Nielsen Ratings: Is Canadian.

Renewal Chances: Is Canadian, also has 8+ seasons.


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