What’s on My DVR


Premiere week is a little more than a month away.  Soon we will be overrun with network series both new and old.  I will soon get to my preview of what’s new, but first let’s review what is on my DVR.  My DVR series recordings are not ordered based on highest rating.  First, network programs (I am defining “network” as CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, The CW) are at the top of the queue, and then cable programs.  This is because episodes on network TV only run once per week, while episodes on cable tend to air multiple times per week, sometimes multiple times per night.  Occasionally, a network will replay an episode from a new series on a Friday or Saturday night in lieu of a different program, but it is definitely the exception.  Second, longer-running series are higher in the queue – more specifically series that have been in my queue longer are higher in the queue.  Then and only then do I order based on rating.

With that, here is my DVR queue (with a brief note and rating):

  1. Castle – Premiers 9/21 on ABC – Last season should have been its last, the season finale was a series finale. Now they will have another awkward season, and really will be the last.  Rating: 7.00 (would have been higher but last season was a 6.00 and dragged the overall rating down).
  2. Supernatural – Premiers 10/7 on The CW – The poor Winchester boys, how many times must they die saving the world, only to be resurrected to do it all over again? This will be season 11, so at least 11.  They do a good job of mixing in silly, funny episodes with dark episodes.  Rating: 7.25
  3. The Big Bang Theory – Premiers 9/21 on CBS (but it will move back to Thursdays once football is done) – Sheldon’s the best. I think I have said some of the things he has verbatim.  Rating: 8.00
  4. Sleepy Hollow – Premiers 10/1 on FOX – I am curious to see where they go this season. I think it would have been interesting if they stayed in the past rather than just an episode or two last year.  Rating: 7.75
  5. Person of Interest – Premiere TBD on CBS – Only renewed for 13 episodes, meaning this is almost certainly its last season. There were points where it dragged last year.  Rating: 6.25
  6. Elementary – Premiers 11/5 on CBS – Renewed for this season because they need the 88 episodes for syndication. Unless its ratings improve, will likely be its last season.  Rating 6.50
  7. Gotham – Premiers 9/21 on FOX – The world that Bruce Wayne aka Batman grew up in. The E. Nigma is the best character.  Fascinating interpretation of the well-know comic.  Rating 7.50
  8. The Middle – Premiers 9/23 on ABC – Should be a shake up with Sue away at college and the actor who plays Axel getting another show. A decent distraction.  Rating: 6.00
  9. Nashville – Premiers 9/23 on ABC – I don’t live alone — this is definitely not mine. Country singers making bad choices.  Rating: 5.00
  10. The Flash – Premiers 10/6 on The CW – One of the thousand shows based on comics. The time paradox they created in last year’s season finale has kept me awake at night trying to figure it out.  Rating 7.25
  11. Modern Family – Premiers 9/23 on ABC – Another show that isn’t mine. I have never seen the appeal of this show.  Rating 4.50
  12. Black-ish – Premiers 9/23 on ABC – This show grew on me as the season went on. The black co-worker is hilarious.  More scenes with him, please.  Rating 6.75
  13. The Goldbergs – Premiers 9/23 on ABC – Who doesn’t love the 80s? Especially someone who grew up in them.  Rating: 7.80
  14. Hawai’i Five-O – Premiers 9/25 on CBS – A surprise renewal. Been around a long time.  A CBS procedural.  Set in Hawai’i.  Rating: 6.25
  15. Marvel’s Agent Carter – Premiers 1/6/16 on ABC – Another surprise renewal. Kick-ass woman in a patriarchal environment.  Hopefully, she gets more respect this season.  Rating: 6.50
  16. Galavant – Premier 2016 on ABC – On a roll with the surprise renewals. Innovative concept that wore thin quickly.  Should have wrapped it up in the six episodes.  Might not survive my own culling of the DVR.  Rating: 6.00
  17. Iron Chef America – For all intents and purposes cancelled – It’s been like two years since we last saw an episode. Food Network denies it’s cancelled.  I think the new chefs watered down the competition.  Rating: 7.00
  18. Suits – Currently airing on USA – Proving that lawyers are every bit the despicable scumbags we think they are. Unless they are on your side.  Rating: 7.25
  19. Mythbusters – Currently airing on Discovery – Blowing up crap is fun. Rating 7.00
  20. The Walking Dead – Premiers 10/11 on AMC – Its spinoff premieres 8/23, but for the intense original, you’ll have to wait until October. Rating 8.50
  21. The Americans – Premiers 2016 on F/X – Probably the best show currently airing on TV. Rating: 9.00
  22. Continuum – Final season this year on SyFy – Only six more episodes, if it were more, I would probably drop it. The storylines are getting too convoluted and the time paradoxes multiple.  Rating: 6.00
  23. Graceland – Currently airing on USA – Federal Agents making bad choices. I currently have a backlog of four episodes.  On the borderline of getting cut.  Rating: 6.00
  24. Cycling – Records randomly throughout the year on NBC Sports – I don’t want to miss the spring classics, this set up usually picks it up. No Rating.
  25. Top Chef – Premiers late 2015 on Bravo – The only reality show I have in my queue. No surprise that it centers on food.  Rating: 7.50
  26. Major Crimes – Currently airing on TNT – The exact same show as The Closer only a different lead character. Rating 6.50
  27. Fargo – Premiers October 2015 on F/X – Might be a completely different cast. Billy Bob Thornton was the best character.  He will definitely be gone.  Rating:  Pending new cast
  28. Dominion – Currently airing on SyFy – It’s like Season 4 and 5 of Supernatural only the Winchester brothers weren’t around to die saving the day (then resurrected only to do it all over again). Rating: 6.10
  29. Manhattan – Premiers 10/13 on WGN America – The politics of scientists building an atomic bomb. Rating: 7.75
  30. Legends – Premier TBD on TNT – A Bourne Identity type of show. Not nearly as well done as the Bourne movies.  Rating: 6.00
  31. Doctor Who – Premiers 9/19 on BBC America – It took a couple months for me to catch up on every season before last year. This year, I’ll be ready to dive right in to the legendary Doctor whooshing through time and space.  Rating: 7.50
  32. The Librarians – Premiere TBD on TNT – A spinoff of the Noah Wyle movie franchise. Look for it around December.  For those pining for Warehouse 13, this isn’t a bad substitute.  Rating: 7.00
  33. Downton Abbey – Final season premiers 1/3/16 on PBS – Definitely not mine. Too confusing for me to follow.  No Rating.
  34. 12 Monkeys – Premiere TBD on SyFy – A spinoff of the movie of the same name. Somewhat convoluted, but I am somewhat obsessed with viruses that will destroy the world (my favorite book is The Stand after all).  Rating: 6.25
  35. Better Call Saul – Premiere TBD on AMC – A spinoff of Breaking Bad. It dragged at times, definitely did not have the “Oh my God” moments of Breaking Bad.  It is very difficult to live up to what is probably the best show in TV history.  Rating: 6.50
  36. Swimming – Airs throughout the year on Universal Sports – Currently airing the World Championships in Kazan, where the Americans need to start swimming a whole lot better.
  37. Good Witch – Premiers 2016 on Hallmark – A spinoff of the movies of the same name, also on Hallmark. Nauseatingly perfect behavior from the Good Witch.  Also, the Good Witch’s cousin plays the doctor on Killjoys.  Rating: 6.75
  38. America’s Got Talent – Currently Airing on NBC – Not a spinoff. Singing and dancing acts are a dime a dozen.  The others are far more interesting.  Not my recording (if you were wondering if this counted as another reality show on my DVR).  Rating: 6.00
  39. Melissa & Joey – Series finale airs tonight on ABC Family – Not a spinoff. A cute little show, also not mine.  Rating: 6.00
  40. Stitchers – Currently airing on ABC Family – Reviewed here. Rating: 6.00
  41. Dark Matter – Currently airing on SyFy – I have a backlog of eight episodes to review. No rating.
  42. Killjoys – Currently airing on SyFy – Reviewed here. It has gotten a little better since the pilot episode, but they started to slip into the things I feared in the last episode.  Two of the three characters have complex backstories.  Unfortunately, Aaron Ashmore’s character has literally no backstory.  Give me something and I’ll bump up the rating.  Rating: 6.90
  43. Robot – Currently airing on USA – Reviewed here. Drags at times, but very innovative.  Rating: 7.50
  44. Humans – Currently airing on AMC – Reviewed here. Seems to be my most popular post.  I have a backlog of four to five episodes.  Rating: 5.00

I don’t have HBO or Showtime, so I don’t record Game of Thrones or Homeland.  I am watching them both via Netflix, I am also reading Game of Thrones and I will not watch the TV series until I’ve read the book.  Hurry Up, George!  I’m waiting!

One of the big trends is that there could be as at least nine series (more than 20%) deleted by this time next year.  I’ll need to clear room for the new series coming this fall, depending on what looks good.


2 thoughts on “What’s on My DVR

    • I can record up to 50 different series, and my DVR will store roughly 100 hours of recorded programming. I always have the 15 hours of Firefly/Serenity stored on my DVR so I can watch whenever I want, so I really only have 85 hours of available space on my DVR.


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