Fall 2015 New TV Preview: Monday


Life in Pieces premieres 9/21 (Comedy) 8:30/7:30c on CBS

Premise:  Follows an extended family – The matriarch and patriarch are in their seventies.  Their eldest child has multiple children, with one about to enter college.  Their second child just had their first baby.  Their youngest is still single.  Does this sound familiar?  It does to me.  It seems like a mash up of Modern Family and Rules of Engagement.

Star Power: 8.0 Dianne Wiest, James Brolin, Colin Hanks (he isn’t his dad, but the name should help bring more eyeballs)

Ratings Prediction: Comedies have been very difficult to produce the last couple years, nearly everything has been cancelled.  Life in Pieces has every opportunity to survive – It follows The Big Bang Theory, and has a solid cast.  If it is even remotely funny, it should survive, even if the premise isn’t the most original.  80% chance of renewal

Minority Report premiers 9/21 (Drama) 9/8c on FOX

Premise:  Like the movie of the same name, the government attempted to stamp out crime by seeing it before it happens.  Children hooked up to a computer see the future crime, then the police then go arrest the perpetrator.  The program was shut down, but ten years later one of the precogs still sees visions of crimes about to happen.  He tries in vain to stop these murders, until he connects with a cop(? – someone official-like, the trailer was unclear who he partners with.)

Star Power: 3.0.  Meagan Good (66 credits to her name according to IMDB, but I have never seen her in anything), Stark Sands (27 credits – nothing I have seen), Fez from That 70s Show

Ratings Prediction:  Reminds me of Person of Interest except a spinoff of the Tom Cruise movie.  It feels like FOX has tried a number of sci-fi shows in this time slot, only to fail.  Sleepy Hollow and Gotham survived, but before that, nothing seemed to work for them in this time slot.  Up against Monday Night Football, and The Voice, and with a semi-confusing trailer – it doesn’t bode well.  30% chance of renewal.

Blindspot premiers 9/21 (Drama) 10/9c on NBC

Premise:  If you have watched any of the thousand NBC affiliates this summer, you have probably seen the trailer for this.  Amnesiac woman, with tattoos on her body.  Her mind was purposefully erased, but “procedural memory remains intact.”  This means that she knows how to fight, and how to read Chinese (and this is just from the trailer – she probably has all kinds of kick-ass knowledge and skill that is unknown, until she uses it).  That tattoos are guide for the FBI (and her) to stop a terrorist (?) serial killer (?) puppy snatcher (?)  Don’t know.

Star Power: 2.0.  The lead woman is Jessi from Kyle XY.  I’m probably the only person besides her mother that knows that.

Ratings Prediction:  If I know one thing about The Voice, it’s that whoever watches that show is too lazy to change the channel afterward.  Shows do extraordinarily well in this timeslot.  Add that to the heavy promotion for the show, and the intriguing concept, you have yourself an almost surefire winner – at least on premiere night.  Serial shows tend to bleed viewers, bad ones hemorrhage them, and good ones lose them like a hemophiliac with a paper cut.  The producers will need to strike a delicate balance between keeping the mystery alive, and answering viewer questions.  75% chance of renewal

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend premiers 10/19 (Drama) 8/7c on The CW

Premise:  Stalker: The Musical!  I’ll give credit to The CW.  They definitely come up with inventive unique programs.  In this particular show, Rebecca follows her ex-boyfriend (from 10 years ago) to California.  There is singing involved.

Star Power: 1.0 The CW is not known for pulling big names.

Ratings Prediction: On any other network, I’d say this has no chance of survival, but the CW has lower standards.  In addition, this quirky show is paired with Jane the Virgin, another quirky show.  I actually expect it to do quite well (by CW standards) here.  80% chance of renewal.

Supergirl 10/26 (Drama) 8/7c on CBS

Premise: Um, Supergirl.  Like Superman, but a girl.

Star Power: 5.0.  Apparently, the lead (Melissa Benoist) was in Glee.  Her mom is played by Laura Benanti (Go On, Nashville) – though she, like Jor-El, dies on Krypton, so I am not sure how much she can really be in it.

Ratings Prediction: CBS jumps into the comic book game.  Half of the current shows on TV are from comic books.  It’s good to see Supergirl on (and in!) the air.  CBS is a strange choice, their viewer demographic definitely skews to the older side, and they are better known for their boiler-plate procedurals than innovative dramas.  It is also, however, the network that gives us Big Bang Theory, one of the top programs in the 18-49 demographic.  Similar to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, if this were on any other network, I’d have a differnt answer.  Supergirl on any other network would be a shoo-in for renewal.  As is, I fear that it could be a massive disappointment.  50% chance of renewal.

Monday is always a very tough night between football and The Voice, sucking up most of the viewers in the important 18-49 demographic.  The other networks are left fighting for the leftovers.  I expect only three of these shows will survive the year, and I will probably only watch two of them (Supergirl and Blindspot).


2 thoughts on “Fall 2015 New TV Preview: Monday

  1. Colin Hanks is Tom Hanks’ son…and has carried at least one (failed) series on his own before. I’m in for Life in Pieces and Minority Report. Other than that, Monday is usually saved for “Men in Blazers” and catching up from weekend HBO shows that…um…appear on my server.

    BTW…why did you leave Calista Flockhart out of your Supergirl review? Ordinarily that would be enough to give it a chance, but I’m not really a fan of comic book shows/movies.


  2. Updated the Hanks thing.
    As for Calista Flockhart — I didn’t know she was in it. The trailer wasn’t very good — they showed Supergirl and mommy (Laura Benanti) sending her off to Earth and that’s it. Gives me concerns about the show that the trailer doesn’t give me an idea what the shows about other than Supergirl.


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