Fall 2015 New TV Preview: Thursday


Heroes Reborn premiers 9/24 at 8/7c on NBC

Premise: Evolved humans are being hunted down and exterminated because they are dangerous and unpredictable.  They will fight back with the help of some old friends.

Star Power: 6.0 Chuck from Chuck, numerous holdovers from the original.

Ratings Prediction:  As Sheldon Cooper said of the original, they gradually reduced the quality of the show until you didn’t care that they cancelled it.  The original show was cancelled, can a reboot possibly be successful?  I don’t know, I will probably tune in to see if it is better than how it ended up.  The writers must avoid creating characters that are too powerful – they wrote themselves into a corner.  The main hero and villain both could do anything – their only limitation was that the writers kept forgetting that they could do everything so they just looked like idiots the whole time.  I can only think of a few shows that actually came back from cancellation (Family Guy, Arrested Development, Jericho).  This show will get fewer chances from viewers than other new shows, because they’ve already seen it.  50% chance of renewal.

The Player premiers 9/24 at 10/9c on NBC

Premise: I don’t know exactly.  It looks like a security consultant’s wife is killed.  He is enlisted by someone (the government? Unclear who) to do something (catch criminals? Unclear what).  The government (?) then bet on the security consultant’s chance of survival.  All very confusing.  I hope the pilot is more clear than the trailer.

Star Power: 6.5 Wesley Snipes, Philip Winchester (Strike Back)

Ratings Prediction: Even after watching the trailer I’m confused.  It looks exciting, with lots of stunts and action, but is utterly confusing.  If the pilot doesn’t explain it, this show is D.O.A.  I want to like this show, but I need to see something better in the pilot than I did in the trailer.  While this goes up against How to Get Away with Murder, I see very little crossover in audience.  The bigger challenge for this show will be football – college and NFL are on Thursday nights.  35% chance of renewal.

Angel from Hell 11/5 9:30/8:30 CBS

Premise: A snarky, know-it-all guardian angel watches over a dermatologist.  The guardian angel played as only Jane Lynch can.

Star Power: 7.5 Jane Lynch, Alicia Silverstone

Ratings Prediction: This is a tough night.  This premieres on Thursdays after football moves off CBS to the NFL network.  The late season start is never helpful, but it will have Big Bang Theory leading off the night and then stable Mom right before Angel from Hell.  55% chance of renewal.

Thursday night is owned by Shonda Rhimes.  While I am not a fan of her shows (I watch a few episodes, roll my eyes and think, “this is stupid”), her shows are some of the highest rated shows on TV.  Add in football and Big Bang Theory (the highest rated show), and this night is death to those that try to enter here.  I think I was a little generous with my renewal chances, because I’d be surprised if any of these shows survived.


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