TV Review: Fear the Walking Dead


Airs: Sundays at 9pm EDT on AMC

Review: First two episodes

This review assumes that you watch the original.  If you aren’t watching The Walking Dead, why not?  If you don’t like it then you aren’t going to like this one anyway.  Fear the Walking Dead has the same feel as the original – you’re never sure what is going to happen next and totally expect to crap your pants in fear.  It takes place during the early onset of the outbreak all the way across the country from the original.  I am hoping that the timing will allow for enough of a difference to distinguish it from The Walking Dead, and not just be a different set of characters in the same situation.

I always wondered whether people in a Zombie Apocalypse know about zombie lore.  It is clear from the first two episodes that the characters in Fear the Walking Dead know nothing about zombies.  They keep trying to kill them by non-lethal (to zombies) methods – running over them with a car, stabbing them in a chest, etc.  Even the cute little kid that spelled out exactly what was going to happen to the infrastructure and that the apocalypse was coming didn’t know how to deal with a zombie.

The characters were smart enough to realize that they needed to get the heck out of the city and away from people as quickly as possible.  Then they were so dumb as to split up.  Why?  Why would you split up?  Step 1: Get everything you need from home, some clothes, food, camping supplies, and anything else you might need (like knives – nice sharp ones, or guns and ammo).  Step 2: Everyone get in the car, go get the medication for your junkie son.  Step 3: Go get whiny, bratty son and obnoxious ex-wife.  Step 4: Get the hell out of the city.  Or, you could split up like idiots and leave your son to go through withdrawal with only his idiotic, love-struck sister (love-struck with someone else, not her brother) to care for him, while dad goes to pick-up a family that hates his guts and mom goes to the school to get medicine because all the doctors are overwhelmed with the whole zombie outbreak thing.

So far, this is not as good as the original.  I’ll cut them some slack that a Zombie Apocalypse is completely new to them, but the need to tighten the writing and not make the characters so dumb.  Also, I don’t like the characters that much, I keep hoping that the zombies get one, if not all, of the whiny little teens.  Who will go first?  The junkie?  The love-struck idiot?  Or, the bratty, self-centered boy who is too good for his dad?  They definitely need a bad-ass character, like Darryl, Rick or Morgan.  But, it does have the same “feel” as the original and I love the original, so I have hopes that it will get better as Fear the Walking Dead settles in.

WWYT Rating: 6.9

IMDB Rating: 8.0

Renewal Prediction: 100%.  Already renewed for second season.


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