Fall 2015 TV Preview: Overview

Thats a lot of signs

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Next week is fall 2015 premier week.  Not every TV show will begin next week, but the onslaught of new and returning shows hits us starting Monday.  After viewing the new crop of shows (see above for links), it doesn’t appear to be an outstanding freshman class.

Broadcast ratings have been on the decline for many years now.  The highest rated scripted programs today would have been cancelled 20 years ago.  It will continue to decline this year, perhaps even faster than ever with more people “cutting the cord.” (source)

Normally, I bucket new shows into three categories.  First, I eliminate the shows in which I have no interest.  Next, I record the shows that I am interested in watching, but I suspect that the ratings will be poor and will be cancelled.  I monitor the ratings, and watch or delete based on whether I expect it to be renewed and avoid getting attached to a show that will be cancelled.  Finally, the third bucket I watch immediately.  Full flow chart here.

This year, however, I will try to give each show a watch and then report back here.  There are 21 new shows this year, so I can’t say I get to all of them but here they are in some order of my viewing priority

High Hopes



The Muppets

Heroes Reborn

If I have time


Life in Pieces

Minority Report


The Grinder


The Player

Angel from Hell


Help me if I am watching these

Blood & Oil

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Scream Queens

Wicked City

Chicago Med

Dr. Ken

People are Talking

Nine of these 21 premier Monday through Thursday of next week.  I’ll try to step up and get these reviewed before the second episode comes along.  Though I hope you understand if I don’t want to sit through a two-hour premier of the dreadful looking Scream Queens.  Wish me luck and happy viewing.


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