TV Review: Blindspot


Airs: Mondays at 10/9c on NBC

Probably the most anticipated new show with NBC airing promos on seemingly every channel every 30 seconds.  You know the one, tattooed woman with amnesia is the key to unlocking crimes.  I’ll say this, Jaime Alexander has the scared, vulnerable woman down pat.  In Kyle XY, she played a scared and vulnerable lab-created girl, who could kick some serious ass.  In Blindspot, she plays a scared and vulnerable woman, who can kick some serious ass.

In this first episode, Alexander does a great job of showing her fear and as a viewer, I felt sorry for her.  However, as the episode wore on, she continues to play the scared, vulnerable woman.  Understandable, but very one note – I’d love to see her be impressed by her abilities (so far, martial arts, and marksmanship) or be happy for 30 seconds (forget that she has forgotten everything).

As the promo suggests, a tattooed woman with amnesia is the key to unlocking crimes.  What we don’t know is who or why anyone would do this.  We meet an unnamed man, who appears to be responsible, but we don’t know who he is or why he (they?) would do this.

Overall, Blindspot is an intriguing show, with enough action to keep me interested.  There are some light-hearted moments, but it could use a bit more.  If Alexander show more range of emotions, it will probably be the best new show of the season.

WWYT Rating: 6.9

Nielsen Ratings: 3.1 The reviews I have read so far are mixed – one reviewer hated it, thought it was rushed and sloppy.  Two thought that the action was a little slow (I tend to side with the former).  Everyone agrees that Alexander is great and the other characters are rather generic (count me in that camp as well).  But most people are going to continue to watch at least a couple more episodes.  75% chance of renewal (unchanged from initial projection).


One thought on “TV Review: Blindspot

  1. So far, this one has been our favorite. Kept our interest, although the fifth time she was told to stay in the car and away from the action, was about four times too many. Tighten up the dialogue and lose the tropes, and this one could be the new “Alias” or “Nikita” for us.


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