TV Review: Minority Report


Airs: Mondays at 9/8c on FOX

The first of two movies turned TV show this fall.   A very quick voice over narration explains the movie in five sentences or less for those who haven’t seen it or need a refresher on the movie.  Minority Report takes place ten years after the movie – the “pre-crime” division has ended, and the “pre-cogs” are free in the world.  Dash is the focus of the show.

The technology in 2065 looks awesome.  I like the main characters (mostly).  There was a decent injection of humor throughout, especially with Dash’s social ineptness.  Though I would think that someone who has seen virtually nothing but murder his whole life, he would be more than socially inept – he would be a sociopath or otherwise effed-up mentally.

Dash’s precognitive ability seems wildly inconsistent.  It is nearly impossible to tell what he is able to foresee and what he isn’t.  Does he see everything?  If so, how does he sort it all?  Why does he have a seizure sometimes and not others?  Is it just when it is convenient to the plot?

I suppose if I ignore the wildly inconsistent precognition and bought into Dash not being a sociopath, I might actually like this show.  Too bad it won’t matter – the ratings are poor (see below) and certainly won’t be renewed (though it will probably air all 13 episodes).

WWYT Rating: 6.4

Nielsen Ratings: 1.1 Pretty pitiful ratings, but not sure that FOX has much in the way of high rated programs.  Empire does well, but that is about it.  Gotham, a “hit” last year, only pulled in a 1.6 rating on Monday.  30% chance of renewal (unchanged from initial projection.)


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