TV Review: Limitless

Limitless (tv)

Airs: Tuesdays at 10/9c on CBS

Review: Pilot

The first 15 minutes of Limitless was exactly like the movie.  A struggling artist (singer on TV vs. writer in the movie) runs into old friend who gives him a “magic” pill.  Both artists do amazing things while on the drug (e.g. files 2,000 files in two hours on TV vs. write a law paper, and several chapters of a novel in the movie).  Each artist goes back to the old friend to get more pills, only to find their friend murdered.  In the movie, however, he is cleared of wrongdoing immediately, while on the TV show, he is the prime suspect.

The TV show does have a couple things going for it.  First, I think that Brian (played by Jake McDorman of Greek) has a much stronger motivation to use the drug – his father is dying and by taking the drug, he might figure out how to save him.  Also, there is a great chemistry between the two leads – they clicked right away.  Finally, I really liked McDorman on Greek; he played a smarmy yet likable character – something that is difficult to pull off.

I still have a problem with the lack of origin information of this magic drug.  Where does NZT come from?  How do all these random people get their supply?  Surely we can trace it.  I should probably lighten up on this point because it is A) lampshaded; B) part of the plot; and C) probably part of the appeal for some.

It is a good setup for a pretty standard procedural.  With a likable cast and fun premise, it is probably worth a couple more episodes.

WWYT Rating: 6.51

Nielsen Ratings: 1.9 10pm timeslot ratings are hard to determine.  Very often shows in the final timeslot of the evening are low.  The 1.9 rating puts CBS in a tough spot, the rating isn’t very good, but nothing else would do better.  But, How To Get Away With Murder is proof that you can do well at 10pm.  The ratings did grow from its lead in show, NCIS: New Orleans.  Although, that doesn’t change the fact that this is currently CBS’s third lowest show.  Chance of renewal 50% (down from initial projection 70%)


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