TV Review: Rosewood


Airs: Wednesday at 8/7c on FOX

Review: Pilot

What exactly is a private pathologist?  Is that a real thing?  Can you really make a good living when there is a county medical examiner doing the same thing for a fraction of the cost?  Who exactly are the clients?  Who are the clients when you piss off every cop you are around (wouldn’t that be your main source of business?)  Those are the questions surrounding Rosewood.

Morris Chestnut plays Dr. Rosewood, a smart-ass private practice pathologist.  Unfortunately, his smart-ass comments make him more an ass than smart.  No one seems to like Rosewood when they talk to him, even his sister and mother seem to put up with him rather than genuinely like him.

Rosewood tries to forge a partnership with a tough female detective (oooh, how original).  The friendly “banter” isn’t foreplay; rather it has the feel of I’m-going-to-kill-you-in-your-sleep.  The two have no chemistry, yet were supposed to believe that they will collaborate on future cases.

The premise is overplayed – A smart-ass pathologist and an opposite sex, tough cop.  The chemistry is non-existent and the characters aren’t likable.  There is no reason to watch this show.

WWYT Rating: 3.5

Nielsen Ratings: 2.4 Rosewood is the lead in for ratings monster Empire (6.7!?!  Are you kidding me?  Where does that come from?  How did FOX generate that kind of viewership out of nothing?) People tuned in early for Empire and drove the ratings up (viewership went from 2.1->2.7 at the half hour mark).  As long as it is paired with Empire, Rosewood will continue succeed, no matter how bad the show is.  Chance of renewal is 60% (up from 45% initial projection).


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