TV Review: Heroes Reborn


Airs: Thursdays at 8/7c on NBC

Review: Pilot

“Save the cheerleader.  Save the world.”  Now that was a tagline.  It was focused; it told you what needed to be done.  It belonged to Heroes, a show that started successfully, and then fell on its face.  Heroes Reborn is a reboot of Heroes.  The pilot of Heroes Reborn was…not focused.  Their tagline, if they have one, seems to be “It’s coming.”  What’s coming?  Winter?  I hate to break it to the writers, but I think that one’s already taken.

For a two-hour premier, Heroes Reborn sure seemed to pack a lot of nothing into a long episode.  Everything you need to know happened in the first five minutes – a terrorist attack killed lots of people, forcing the “Evos” to go into hiding as humans hunt them down and kill them.  The rest of the episode was spent trying to introduce us to the new characters (and some old ones), yet somehow they didn’t give us any information about them.

Noah Bennett returns, this time as a used car salesman.  He has erased his own memory – conveniently only the “It” part though, because every other memory seems intact.  (Maybe “It” is a clown!  No wait, that is already taken too.)

The Mexican Wrestler, who runs an underground railroad for Evos, dies as a vigilante.  His “war hero” brother will take over the gig, but it is unclear if he has any powers – we haven’t seen any yet.  Does the Mexican wrestling suit give him powers?  Did the smoky priest?

The Kitana Girl’s powers seem to be the ability to go into a video game (with a kitana).  How is this a power?  What possible advantage could this serve?  Also it seems that the sword is actually the “power.”  Which could mean that two objects are imbued with power, which would be really cool, but also really needing to be explained and I’m not sure the writers could.  (Since the point of the show is that humans are evolving, not objects.)

Teleport Boy, had the most coherent storyline.  We watch as he discovers things about his powers – the objects he teleports goes to wherever he was thinking about at the time of teleportation.  His schoolmates even made sense.  I want to know why another Evo is protecting him?  Is it his father?  Or is Teleport Boy important to stop “It.”

Chuck from Chuck was awesome (Zachary Levi).  He plays the villain in this series; a far cry from the lovable Intersect in Chuck.  You don’t want to like the villain but he is still resourceful, sympathetic, and shows remarkable strength in not killing his annoying wife (though that may be a bad thing).

All the bouncing around between the yet-to-be connected characters made Heroes Reborn an unfocused mess.  It’s fine if the characters don’t know what “It” is, but the audience needs to know; we need to yell at the idiots to get their acts together to save the world.  The time spent on the Evos was wasted, only one of them came through as understandable.  I will give the show a couple more episodes to try to hook me.  I need more information, otherwise this is a confused mess.

WWYT Rating: 6.0

Nielsen Ratings: 1.9 Going up against the Shonda Rhimes juggernaught is no easy task (and football, mustn’t forget the football).  This is probably as good as NBC can expect (in fact, their Thursday night lineup is up 20% from last season’s Thursday premier night.)  50% chance of renewal (unchanged from initial projection.)


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