TV Review: The Player

the player

Airs: Thursdays at 10/9c on NBC

Review: Pilot

Ignorance is bliss.  The trailer for The Player gave no real indication what the show was about; oh, how I wish I remained in the dark. The title of the show comes from the game that the writers played – Who could write the most implausible scene.  I don’t know who won, but it is clear who lost – the viewer.

The first implausibility comes right away.  Alex Kane (played by Philip Winchester) jumps off a roof, grabs a rope and swings through a hotel window with ease.  This was a really cool stunt, but in reality he would have bounced off the window and plummeted to his death.  Windows aren’t that fragile.

Next, we move to the happiest divorced couple in the history of divorce.  Alex and his (ex) wife – Ginny – are happy with each other, and it is hard to believe that these two are divorced.  Not to mention that the divorce serves no purpose in the storyline.  A 30-second clip of them happily married would work just fine.

When the (ex) wife is murdered, Alex is arrested despite having no motive and downtown Las Vegas would have his story captured on video ten-times over.  As he is detained, the sheriff’s idea of watching him is to leave the room and turn his back.  Alex predictably escapes, where he hops into the car of Cassandra King.  A high-speed car chase ensues, ending with Cassandra and Alex cornered in a parking garage.  She snaps her fingers and the cop cars back away for no reason.  They have a suspected murderer cornered and they just back away?  I don’t think so – nothing could have been said or done for that to happen.

Cassandra works with Mr. Johnson (Wesley Snipes).  They explain to Alex that a computer algorithm has been invented that predicts crime.  Instead of trying to stop crime, the ultra-wealthy bet on it.  Even the writers know that this concept is completely ludicrous.  Johnson even states “No one believes that this is true…”  Alex points out the stupidity of not stopping the crime but betting on it.

Snipes and Winchester are wasted on this insane premise.  With a few tweaks this could have been a fun, action-filled Friday night show.  Instead, it is a farcical Thursday night show with very little redeeming qualities.

WWYT Rating: 3.5

Nielsen Ratings: 1.2 This show is done.  Going up against Shonda and football, this show never had a chance.  With poor quality and low initial audience I don’t think this show will survive to November, much less a full season.  5% chance of renewal, down from 35% initial projection.


One thought on “TV Review: The Player

  1. We didn’t have a clue what this was going in either which was OK….and, I was so confused before, during, and after that I couldn’t tell if I enjoyed this or not. What they’ve done is steal the premise of “Person of Interest” (one of my favorites) regarding the prediction of crime, and then spinning it into something ridiculous. Now…if ridiculous is entertaining, count me in. But if ridiculous is confusing, I think that’s going to kill this for us. I might give episode 2 a shot, but it’s going to need to be a very redemptive episode to change this in the long run.


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