TV Review: Blood & Oil

blood oil

Airs: Sundays at 9/8c on ABC

Review: Pilot

I’m not sure I can give Blood & Oil a fair review as I turned it off before the first commercial break.  I mean I’m sure it got better.  Set in the mountains of North Dakota.  (Wait, the mountains of North Dakota?  I know Americans are bad at geography, but are we really expected to believe this?)  Anyway set in the “mountains of North Dakota,” a young couple sets about to sell washing machines (maybe; some kind of machine, $37,000 of machines which they are going to turn into a fortune!)  But, before they can make it rich, they are in a car accident, lose their merchandise, and are now in dire straits because the husband forgot to get insurance for $37,000 of machines.

The young couple needs to stay in a hippie commune?  A trailer park?  A shantytown?  I don’t know, I have severely lost interest in this show already.  To rent a tiny one-bedroom apartment with a single urine stained mattress cost $2,000 a month.  [Actually maybe true!  Williston, North Dakota has the most expensive rent in the US.]

That is as far as I got, between the stupidities of the plot, dialogue, and characters I turned off Blood & Oil.  I don’t suffer fools easily.

WWYT Rating: 2.0

Nielsen Ratings: 1.4 – A poor performance.  With poor ratings and a poor pilot, this will not last long.  Chance of renewal 20% (down from 65% initial projection).


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