TV Review: Grandfathered


Airs: Tuesdays at 8/7c on FOX

Review: Pilot

Like Life in Pieces, most of the jokes in this episode I already saw in the trailer.  Unlike Life in Pieces, there were more jokes to follow.  John Stamos plays Jimmy, a 50-year old bachelor.  If Uncle Jessie never met Becky in Full House and didn’t get married, this is whom he would turn out to be.

Jimmy runs a restaurant and is a carefree bachelor, until one day, a young man walks into his life and tells him he is Jimmy’s son (surprise!).  Jimmy also has a grand-daughter (double-surprise!)  Jimmy copes with this new information about as well as you’d expect him to.

Stamos plays the role well, and the co-stars are equally as entertaining.  Grandfathered will be somewhat predictable, but funny nonetheless.  It is good light-hearted entertainment.

WWYT Rating: 6.5

Nielsen Ratings: 1.5 FOX apparently has two settings.  1) Massive, Mega-Ratings via Empire; or 2) Something Around 1.5.  Nearly every program they have has a rating around 1.5 – that will make it difficult to project what will be renewed and what won’t.  It will probably come down to how much a show costs to make, numbers I don’t have access to.  Chance of renewal 50% (unchanged from initial estimate).


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