TV Review: The Grinder


Airs: Tuesdays at 8:30/7:30c on FOX

Review: Pilot

Rob Lowe was built to play The Grinder.  Dean Sanderson (Lowe) is an actor who played a lawyer on a TV show for eight years and is now trying his hand at actual law, much to the dismay of his brother, Stewart (Fred Savage) – an actually attorney.  Dean and Stewart will make a good team – Dean has the charisma to charm a jury but doesn’t have a law degree, while Stewart actually knows the law, but has severe stage anxiety.

Lowe overwhelmed every scene he was in, even with Savage on camera with him.  Savage, meanwhile wasn’t given much to do – he played the stereotypical dad of a sitcom.  Every joke seemed to center on the word “grinder,” I’m not sure how long a show can survive on a single joke.  (Okay that is an exaggeration – there were other bits in there but they certainly beat the grinder joke to death)

WWYT Rating: 5.5

Nielsen Ratings: 1.5 Cutting and pasting from my Grandfathered review:

FOX apparently has two settings.  1) Massive, Mega-Ratings via Empire; or 2) Something around 1.5.  Nearly every program they have has a rating around 1.5 – that will make it difficult to project what will be renewed and what won’t.  It will probably come down to how much a show costs to make, numbers I don’t have access to.  Chance of renewal 50%.

(50% is an increase from the 40% initial estimate).


2 thoughts on “TV Review: The Grinder

  1. I think you might be a bit too hard on this one. Of the two actor driven comedies on Fox, this one is much funnier conceptually. Stamos as a grandfather seems much more the one trick pony than overusing the word Grinder. I think they both survive comfortably, but I’m more likely to watch this one, and have the Stamos show on in the background while I do something else.


  2. Boring, great talents, poor script & negative ideas. Too much swearing for family viewing. I do like the actress playing the mother, but Fred & Danica had chemistry which is missing in family sit comes today.


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