TV Movie Review: Love on the Air

Love on the Air

Aired: 9/26/15 on Hallmark Channel

Love on the Air did not get off to a good start.  The first 10 minutes were a confused mess.  Each scene was about 30 seconds long, bouncing between the lead male (Nick, played by Jonathan Scarfe) and the lead female (Sonia, played by Alison Sweeney.)  They each spoke to a person who was not introduced at all, leaving the viewer to wonder who they are and what the heck is going on.  They eventually made it clear, but confusing the audience in the first 10 minutes is not ideal (there was also a scene later in the movie that had a random couple who was never introduced before or after the scene).

Both Nick and Sonia host their own radio show.  Nick’s radio personality is a misogynistic Neanderthal.  While Sonia’s catch phrase is “I am an island.”  No word on whether she is also a rock.  Sonia and Nick meet-cute outside of the radio station, only to part badly.  When Sonia sees Nick in their shared radio studio, she storms in and yells at him in the middle of his show.  The banter between them leads to them hosting a show together at a better time slot for them both.  As they learn about each other, Sonia discovers Nick isn’t a Neanderthal; his whole show is an act, because he was hurt by love before.  Nick learns to let his defenses down and let someone else in.

Love on the Air is definitely one of the better Hallmark movies.  The banter between the two leads was hilarious.  It was also refreshing to see someone tell the truth in the first 30 seconds of realizing a mistake rather than hide it and having it blow up in their face (only to have it forgiven in the final five minutes).

WWYT Rating: 7.15

Ranking: 5

  1. All of My Heart
  2. How to Fall in Love

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