TV Movie Review: Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon

Aired: 10/10/15 on Hallmark Channel

Jennifer (played by Jessy Schram) is a spoiled little rich girl.  She is also the nicest character in Harvest Moon.  Her wealthy father (played by Buddy from Charles in Charge) made some bad investments and is now filing for bankruptcy.  He did, however, buy a pumpkin farm, in her name.  When she visits the farm to evaluate it for sale she is met with some (understandable) hostility; Brett (played by Jesse Hutch) and his family have been on the farm for 75 years (despite the fact the farm was sold a few years ago to Jennifer’s father – so… who was the previous owner?).

As I said, Jennifer is the nicest character in the movie, so she recognizes that the family would like to stay in their home, so she offers to put a clause on any sale agreement that Brett’s family gets to stay on the farm and run it, if they agree to help improve the farm’s profitability.  This is exactly what they want, yet somehow this means treating her like dirt with fake chores, and making the farm unprofitable to drive the price down so they can buy it at a lower price.  That’s right, they want to buy an unprofitable farm, rather than be a profitable one – somehow that doesn’t seem in their best interest.

The more time Jennifer spends at the farm, the more the town starts to like her.  The town also grows on her, but I have no idea why since the people are all mean to her.  She falls in love with Brett, for no apparent reason other than he is cute.  Once she finds out that Brett was giving her fake jobs and trying to sabotage the sale, she leaves for the city – but not before she figures out Brett’s mother’s recipe to “Pumpkin Face Cream.”  The cream gets in the hands of some cosmologists, who are unable to reverse engineer the formula because, “there is some special nutrient only available on that farm.”  They give Jennifer a lot of money for the formula and the right to sell – spoiled little rich girl is rich again!  Hooray?

Flash forward a year.  Jennifer is selling the Pumpkin Cream, Brett is proposing to Jennifer.  How did we get here?  We don’t know.  Did Jennifer ask permission to sell the cream recipe – it wasn’t hers to sell.  Did Jennifer forgive Brett?  Because he’s cute?

Harvest Moon had too many holes to make it an effective movie.  It still might have garnered a higher rating if it didn’t skip over the resolution.  There were some funny moments, and the premise had some potential, but I’m still scratching my head over why she even remotely liked him or how things were resolved.

Rating: 5.8

Ranking: t-41.

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  1. Is your channel selector stuck? If so, you know you can probably get up off the couch and change the channel manually.


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