TV Movie Review: Autumn Dreams

Autumn Dreams

Aired: 10/3/15 on Hallmark Channel

Ben and Annie are 18 and in love.  They do what every teenager in love does.  No, not that, pervert – Autumn Dreams is a Hallmark movie.  They elope behind their parents’ back’s.  When Annie’s dad finds out, he separates them and has the marriage annulled.  Not sure how he does that since they are 18.  Ben goes off to New York to pursue his dreams, while Annie stays behind in Iowa to help run the farm.

Fifteen years later, Annie gets a petition for divorce from Ben, as he would like to get married to someone who isn’t Annie.  It turns out the annulment papers were never filed, so legally Ben and Annie are still married.  Annie is engaged to their childhood friend Joe, so she has motivation to end the marriage as well.  The judge on the case won’t grant an immediate divorce though, so Annie runs out of the courtroom crying, “I just want this over with.”  Running out of the divorce court seems like the exact opposite thing you should be doing if you “just want this over with.”  The proceedings get delayed by a week, meaning the old lovers get to spend some quality time together – even though Ben is allegedly getting married in a couple days, he has nothing to do to get ready for it.

Ben, who has always been good with numbers, had helped Annie’s father with the farm’s accounting before he died of a heart attack.  This seems like a decent thing to do, so it makes it all the more puzzling that Annie’s father intercepted all of Ben’s attempts at communication with the woman he loves in Iowa.  Ben is somehow unacceptable for his daughter, but he is totally okay with the other farmhand, childhood friend Joe, the one who didn’t help him with the books, to date his daughter.

As you might expect, Ben and Annie fall in love and break off their respective engagements.  They live happily ever after with Ben in New York as a highly successful trader and Annie in Iowa running the farm, thousands of miles apart.

Autumn Dreams makes no sense from start to finish and they never resolve where they are going to live, since their lives are thousands of miles apart.

Rating: 5.85

Ranking: t-40.

  1. Wishing Well

t-40. The Magic of Ordinary Days


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