TV Movie Review: October Kiss

October Kiss

Aired: 10/17/15 on Hallmark Channel

October Kiss aims for a Mary Poppins  clone – even naming the lead character Poppy – but misses.  Badly.  Poppy is bad at everything from yoga to pizza making, except she seems to be good with kids.  Her sister sets her up as a nanny.  The kids hate her because their mother is dead and their father works so much he is never home.  They think that by forcing out all the nannies their dad will be home more.  Poppy smiles through all of it and looks fondly at them as they sleep that first night, then promptly quits.  The father, Ryan, convinces Poppy to stay through the end of the month (Halloween).

Poppy and the kids gradually begin to care about each other.  She does such a good job that Ryan wants to keep her around after Halloween.  Poppy refuses because “she has grown attached to the kids, and they to her.”  What?  Shouldn’t that be a reason to stick around?  Ryan rightfully fires her on the spot for that dumbass reason.  If you’re confused, you aren’t alone.  Ryan, when trying to explain to the kids why Poppy won’t be around anymore states “It is a confusing situation.”  You think?

As Ryan and Poppy are apart, they realize that they love each other, though why I don’t know – they hardly spent any time together (and all of it with the kids).  Also neither character is particularly likable – Ryan works too much and consistently breaks promises to his children.  Poppy is annoyingly cheerful about everything.

October Kiss misses on many levels – unlikable characters, with no reason to like each other and continuity errors throughout the plot, makes this a lower tier Hallmark movie.

Rating: 5.64

Ranking: 49

  1. A Ring by Spring

t-50.  A Wish Come True

t-50.  Lucky in Love

t-50.  So You Said Yes


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