Movie Review: The Uninvited


Released: 9/1/1944

I’ve never really been a fan of black and white movies (or frankly, any movie before 1977).  There are exceptions, of course, but The Uninvited isn’t one of them.

Roderick and Pamela Fitzgerald (brother and sister – not husband and wife), fall in love with manor on a rocky cliff.  They buy it the very next day for £1200.  If only buying property went that smoothly (and cheaply!) these days.  Things aren’t all rosy, though, as they soon find out that the house is haunted, with not one, but two ghosts.  The Fitzgerald’s compulsion to discover the source of the ghosts leads to a complicated web of lies.

The lies violate one of my basic precepts – when the entire plot could be avoided simply by telling party A something – then it isn’t a very strong plot.  By today’s standards, I found the acting to be subpar (particularly by the psychiatrist) and the script hokey – such as when the 37-year-old Roderick flirts with (and dates) the 20-year-old granddaughter of the previous homeowner.

Between the poor dialogue, hokey script, and subpar acting, I don’t think that my lack of enjoyment of The Uninvited was due to my bias against old movies.  Or, maybe that is why I don’t typically enjoy old movies – I don’t connect real well with them.  Regardless, I would look for a different movie for next Halloween.

WWYT Rating: 5.0

IMDB Rating: 7.5


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