Race Report: 3K Postal

3k postal swim

Race Date: 11/4/15

It’s time for another race report.  Int the fall, USMS offers an option of a 3K or 6K Postal swim in a short course pool.  We’ve discussed how the Postal races work here.  I chose the 3K this year, in part because I normally do the 6K – a 3K should be a veritable sprint, comparatively.  During my 5K, my plan was to start slow and build into the race; since the 3K is shorter and the plan in my 5K didn’t work out so well, my plan was to start fast and try to hold on to my pace.  [We finally got the results from the 5K — I finished 5th]

Here are my 500 splits for the race:

500—6:18.44.  A shade slower than I wanted (6:15 was the goal).  As much as I told my body to “go out hard,” it knows how far it is going and does its own pacing accordingly.  I tried, my first 50 was a 34.48, but my body soon settled into the 37-38 second 50-pace that I would hold for the majority of the race.

1000—12:40.10 (6:21.66).  My body settled into a pace that is slower than I wanted.  The only difference between the opening 500 and this one was my opening 50.

1500—19:02.08 (6:21.98).  My body found its groove, even if it is slower than what I wanted.  Virtually identical split to the last 500.

2000—25:30.45 (6:28.37).  Whatever groove I had, I lost.  I have lost focus and we are just over the halfway point.

2500—32:01.26 (6:30.81).  I felt myself slowing down.  I tried to speed up, but my body completely ignored me.  On the brightside, I had my one and only good flip turn at the 2225 mark.  You know your flip turns are bad when you remember when you had your one and only good one.

3000—38:20.02 (6:18.76).  So, apparently, my body is like the Honey Badger – it don’t care, it does what it wants.  It finally decided to speed up for the finish.  It is no surprise that my first 500 and my last 500 are nearly identical.  Many of my races are like that – especially the distance ones.  Like most Americans, I just need to work on that pesky middle.

Overall, I am OK with my race, though I was a little slower than I wanted to be.  I need to learn how to trick my body into thinking it is a shorter race.  I also need to work on my flip turns.  Usually my flip turns are OK, but all of my flip turns felt terrible.  It won’t be an easy fix either, there wasn’t a consistent problem – sometimes I was too close to the wall, sometimes I flipped too slow, sometimes my streamline off the wall was sloppy.  In a race with 119 flip turns, remembering only one good turn is pretty bad, and was probably half the reason I was off my goal time of 37:30.  I have a more standard meet next weekend, but after that it should be back to your regularly scheduled reviews.


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