Hallmark Movie Review: Ice Sculpture Christmas


Aired: 11/7/15 on Hallmark

Rachel Boston stars in Ice Sculpture Christmas for her second Hallmark movie.  In the first, A Ring by Spring, she was so overly cheerful about everything it detracted from the movie – she laughed when her love interest’s uncle was in the hospital.  In Ice Sculpture Christmas, Boston was only slightly better.  She still laughed for no apparent reason.  “The sun is shining.  Ha-ha-ha!”  But she also had the decency to be mad or upset at appropriate intervals (no one was hospitalized, however, so we’ll never know if she found that funny.)

Callie (Boston) is an aspiring chef, and got her first big break by working as a dishwasher for a top chef at a country club.  Dishwasher is not an uncommon place to start a culinary career.  Less common in the culinary track is a strong relationship to ice sculptures.  In Ice Sculpture Christmas, the relationship between being a chef and ice sculpting is far more involved than one might expect – the executive chef is a master sculptor and Callie is an aspiring sculptor as well as chef.  A wealthy member of the club where Callie works enters her in an ice sculpture contest against her boss without her knowledge.  Too late to withdraw, Callie needs a partner and enlists said wealthy member of the club.  The Hallmark movie goes about how you’d expect from there.

There is nothing inherently wrong with Ice Sculpture Christmas, but it doesn’t have any zing and Rachel Boston needs to dial back the peppiness several notches.  Overall, it is a middling Hallmark movie.

Rating: 6.17

Ranking: 31

30. Help for the Holidays

32. Cookie Cutter Christmas


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