Movie Review: A Little Romance

Little Romance

Released: 4/27/1979

I’ve always found movies about “young love” to be a bit silly – mostly because I sit there and think “aw, how cute.  Too bad they’ll break up.”  A Little Romance is a movie about young love, and is a bit silly – but in a good way.  Plenty of clever/smart humor and fantastic acting make this an enjoyable film.

Diane Lane (in her first acting credit on IMDB) plays a young American girl, Lauren, who meets a French boy, Daniel, on a movie set.  As you might guess by the title, they develop a little romance.  With the help of Julius (played by Laurence Olivier), Lauren and Daniel embark on a journey to fulfill a legend that says if you kiss under the Venetian bridge of sighs during sunset when the bell tolls, you will always love one another.

Diane Lane flashes her potential as an academy award nominee in her role as Lauren.  Laurence Olivier is the great Laurence Olivier.  The French boy is no one I know, and while his acting was fine, I found his character to be somewhat lacking – he was mean and jealous, and frankly, made me wonder why Diane Lane’s character was interested in him at all.  There was plenty of comedy and smart retorts – even by secondary characters, but it occasionally had some farcical humor, which I don’t think it needed (think more Chevy Chase than Jerry Seinfeld – nothing wrong with that kind of humor – it just felt out of place).

A Little Romance was a cute, funny movie with some minor flaws that are easily overlooked.  If you are a fan of Diane Lane or Laurence Olivier, definitely check it out.  Even if you aren’t, it holds up even after 35+ years.

WWYT Rating: 7.0

IMDB Rating: 7.5


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