Movie Review: Lockout


Released: 4/13/2012

I rarely turn a movie off in the middle.  I turned Lockout off only 30 minutes into the movie though.  Guy Pearce as Snow is hilarious, but he is the sole bright spot in this severely lacking action movie.

The premise is completely untenable.  Snow (Guy Pearce) is framed for murder and treason, but this has virtually nothing to do with the plot (strike one.)  Meanwhile, the president daughter (Maggie Grace) visits a maximum-security prison, where all the prisoners are kept in stasis on a space station.  She is there to interview one of the prisoners.  The secret service agent assigned to protect her brings his gun into the interrogation room (against every rule in existence, including in this movie, and a SS agent should definitely know better – strike two.)  The SS agent gets his gun stolen by the prisoner, who then shoots and breaks bullet-proof glass (strike three.)  The prisoner then has a straight shot to the control room – the completely unguarded control room (strike four), where he orders the only scientist to open all the stasis pods.  He does so with a single button press – awesome security procedures (strike five.)  The prisoners take hostages, including Maggie Grace (because that is the only role she apparently plays.)

Back to Snow – he is convicted of the murder and treason he didn’t commit.  Without a trial (strike six.)  In exchange for rescuing the president daughter, the Secret Service agrees to drop the charges.  Of murder and treason (strike seven.)  The attempt to sneak Snow on to the space station is in full view of the prisoners (strike eight.)  I have a pretty strict eight strikes and you’re out policy, I turned it off at this point.  In a brilliant casting decision, they cast a Swedish man (Peter Stormare) as the head of the Secret Service.  His forced American accent was so bad I might have had to turn it off even if there weren’t already eight strikes against it.

The entire premise of Lockout is completely ludicrous.  I will go ahead and guess it turns into Die Hard once Snow gets aboard the space station, which is OK, but it takes stupid assumption after stupid assumption to get to that point.  It is a shame they wasted a solid character in Snow.

WWYT Rating: 3.0

IMDB Rating: 6.1


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