Hallmark Movie Review: I’m Not Ready for Christmas


Aired: 11/14/15 on Hallmark Channel

I’m not sure where the title I’m Not Ready for Christmas comes from, but you’ve probably seen this movie before – when it was called Liar Liar.  I’m Not Ready for Christmas starts well, but somewhere along the way goes off the rails and never recovers.

Alicia Witt plays Holly, an advertising executive.  Don Draper, she is not.  Her original slogan “Made in the USA,” makes her a genius – no one seems to notice that the slogan is at least 30 years old.  She is also so obsessed with work that she lies to her niece, Anna, about spending time with her.  Anna makes a wish with Santa for Holly to stop lying (just like in Liar Liar).  Holly then tells the brutal truth for the next several days.  In true Hallmarkian fashion, she begins dating a 4th grade music teacher, Drew.  After their second date, they shake hands!  I once told a female friend of mine, that if a guy shakes your hand at the end of a date it means he isn’t interested.  In Hallmark world, it is close to a marriage proposal.

The story goes south from there.  Drew gets a job as band director for Northwestern University.  This is a mighty large step up from 4th grade music teacher and pretty much a no-brainer that he should take the job.  This means he would leave Denver and the woman who he has only shook hands with behind for Chicagoland.  But a freak snowstorm, prevents Drew from leaving – forever, apparently – that is one big snowstorm.  It also turns out that “Made in the USA” is a lie because the product is made in Malaysia.  I am not overly certain why this needed to be the case.

I’m Not Ready for Christmas was a funny and charming for about 75% of the movie, even if it wasn’t an original script.  Then the writers stopped making sense and the script fell apart.  It still probably makes it the best Hallmark movie this year, though that isn’t a very high bar to clear.

WWYT Rating: 6.19

Ranking: 31

30. Help For the Holidays

32. Ice Sculpture Christmas


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