TV Review: Agent X

agent x

Airs: Sundays at 9pm ET on TNT

Review: Pilot (+1/2 of second episode)

When one of the greatest TV shows ever (Firefly) was cancelled, a lot of people blamed the cancellation on airing the episodes out of order.  That may or not be correct, but airing things out of order can definitely confuse people.  Agent X feels like they are airing scenes, not just episodes, out of order.

The series begins with John Case aka Agent X being held hostage.  He is rescued by someone – but we don’t know by whom.  In the next scene, Case is chasing a terrorist – he didn’t catch the main terrorist, but he caught an agent working for him.  I have no idea what the first scene has to do with the second scene.  Next we move to the vice president (Sharon Stone) being sworn into office and discovering the existence of Agent X.  I am now confused – the VP doesn’t get to select Agent X?  Who was Case working for before she was sworn in to office?  It is a little known clause in the constitution that the VP runs the Agent X program, but it is a secret from everyone else – including the president.

His first assignment from the new VP is to rescue the daughter of the FBI director, Stanton.  The same terrorist Case was chasing in the second scene kidnapped her to get his agent back.  After a series of highly unlikely stunts, Case rescues the daughter.  Seriously, a hose attached to a 20-pound generator is supposed to stop the fall of an adult male and a teenage girl, and even if it did, wouldn’t the jolt of the stop rip his arms out (or would he be able to hang on to it at all)?  In gratitude for rescuing his daughter, Stanton now wants to arrest whoever Agent X is, because he may have violated a few laws in doing so.  What?  Really?  [There is a scene in the second episode that would make more sense that the FBI director wants to arrest him – this is why I say the scenes are out of order.]

I love spy shows, and the idea of Agent X is a good one.  Sharon Stone is great as the vice president.  But this show is doomed by dreadful writing and ludicrous stunts (Case runs through a window in one scene – runs right through it, doesn’t slow him down at all –try running through a window sometime – er, don’t do that.)

WWYT Rating: 4.5

Nielsen Ratings: 0.2 Cable ratings are always hard to decipher (because they get subscriber fees)  This is one of TNT’s lower rated programs – they have cancelled shows with better ratings; they have also renewed shows with lower ratings.  I don’t think this show will survive; chance of renewal 40%.


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