Hallmark Movie Review: Merry Matrimony


Aired: 11/22/15

I gave the new version of Beverly Hills 90210 a shot.  However, the acting was so atrocious that I had to turn it off.  My opinion was confirmed when I saw Anna Lynn McCord in The Christmas Parade (currently #64 in my Hallmark rankings.)  Her idea of acting was pouting her lips in a different fashion to show “emotion.”  Imagine my concern when another alum of 90210, Jessica Lowndes, was set to star in Merry Matrimony.  The best thing about dreadfully low expectations – it is easy to exceed them.

Brie Traver (Lowndes) is an art director and is assigned a high profile account.  If all goes well, she will make partner.    The only snag – her ex-boyfriend is the photographer on the project.  Brie is determined to remain professional and not acknowledge that their past will be an issue.  They broke up because of distance (him in Paris and her in New York), not some fundamental difference in compatibility, so the feelings are still there.  Only a Three’s Company-type misunderstanding keeps them apart (she thinks he is dating and then becomes engaged to the client.)

I have very little snark to say about Merry Matrimony, which is both good and bad.  I don’t have anything bad to say, but it was also a thoroughly unmemorable movie.  I have nothing to add.  You can watch it if you want, but when you wake up the next morning, I doubt you’ll remember it.

Rating: 6.27

Ranking: 26

25. Christmas Magic

27. Pete’s Christmas


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