Hallmark Movie Review: A Christmas Detour

Christmas Detour

Aired: 11/28/15 on Hallmark Channel

Candace Cameron Bure stars in her annual Christmas movie, A Christmas Detour.  This may be her best Hallmark movie yet, though not because of her – in fact, probably in spite of her.

Paige Summerlind (Bure) is travelling from Los Angeles to New York City to meet her fiancé’s parents.  Due to a giant snowstorm, her plane is diverted to Buffalo, delaying her arrival.  If she doesn’t meet his parents before they leave for their Christmas cruise, Paige would likely need to postpone the June wedding until the parents meet her.  I’m not sure what the parents are doing after the cruise that would prevent them from meeting her at another time.  In her desperation to get to New York City, Paige accepts a car ride from Dylan, the happy-go-lucky passenger that sat next to her on the plane and a married couple of 20 years.

Paige was by far the least-likable character.  I found her to be a bragging pontificate.  She was one of those people who complained about everything that didn’t go right – it was somehow the airlines fault that the snowstorm stranded them in Buffalo.  Dylan, on the other hand, wasn’t fazed by anything – e.g. singing Christmas carols when they find out all the flights are cancelled.  We find out that he doesn’t want to go home and face his brother, who is now engaged to his former fiancée.  I actually liked him better when everything just rolled off his back.

The highlight of the movie was the married couple.  After 20 years, all those little quirks that they once found endearing are now annoying.  Their constant bickering was largely good-natured and humorous.  Frank and Maxine work through their issues during their travels to their daughter’s house for Christmas.

As with many Hallmark movies, Paige dumps her fiancé with little to no consequences – we don’t even see what happens with the man who is probably devastated that his fiancée dumped him for another man.  A Christmas Detour is a typical Hallmark movie, but had an element of humor that has been missing from this year’s crop of movies.

Rating: 6.77

Ranking: 14

13. Angels Sing

15. Trading Christmas


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