Hallmark Movie Review: Once Upon a Holiday


Aired:  11/25/15 on Hallmark

One of the features of a Hallmark movie is its simplicity – a simple plot with a predictable ending.  So when you come across a Hallmark movie that makes no sense it is a bit surprising.  The plot in Once Upon a Holiday is easy enough to follow but the actions of the lead female were questionable at best.

Katie (Briana Evigan) is a princess of some made up country, who is tired of the rites and obligations of the position.  When George shows up, Katie makes the decision to run away.  Every decision that Katie makes after running away makes little to no sense.

First, her purse gets stolen and her reaction is to shrug her shoulders.  I understand that there is no money or credit cards in there because she is a princess, but her camera was stolen as well – a camera her late mother gave her 20 years ago, yet she shows no emotion whatsoever about losing it.  A good Samaritan, Jack, saw the whole thing and offers to help – calling the police and act as witness (which she refuses), he gives her some cash (which she reluctantly accepts).

After refusing help, she wanders New York City and predictably gets lost.  She happens to run into Jack again, yet she refuses his help yet again even though she is lost and doesn’t have any money (other than $20 that Jack gave her) or a place to stay.  Jack invites her to a party, where she falls asleep on the couch (a rip-roaring party, clearly).

Not once during her odyssey did she act like a princess – other than not have a clue how to act in the real world.  Not once did she make a single logical decision.  Not once did anyone explain who George is.  Not once did I think this was a good movie.  Once Upon a Holiday dropped the ball and ruined my favorite male Hallmark actor Paul Campbell (of Window Wonderland) as Jack.

Rating: 5.1

Ranking 58

57. The Christmas Song

59. Angels and Ornaments




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