Hallmark Movie Review: 12 Gifts of Christmas



Aired: 11/26/15 on Hallmark Channel

The only thing I have ever seen Katrina Law in is Snow Bride (#8 on my Hallmark ranking).  12 Gifts of Christmas is the second Katrina Law movie.  She is two-for-two on quality Hallmark movies.

Anna Parisi (Law) is a starving artist living in her sister’s basement.  Anna is without an agent, making it nearly impossible for her to land a show in a gallery.  To make ends meet she becomes a “personal shopper.”  Her only client is Marc, an advertising executive that is too busy to do his own Christmas shopping.  He gives her a list of 12 names and 12 gifts and tells her to just use his credit card to buy them.  As I understand it, this is not what a personal shopper does.  If that is what he wanted, why didn’t he just give that assignment to his office assistant?  (it’s more in line with what an assistant might do than a personal shopper.)  On the very first gift, Anna goes off-list.  Without asking.  Needless to say she gets fired – this doesn’t stop Marc from hitting on her while he is firing her – a total guy move.  When the gift accidentally is sent anyway, the recipient loves it – more so than his prior year gifts.

Marc hires her back to help him with the company Christmas gift (in addition to the other 11 gifts he still needs to get).  Using the excuse of her needing to get to know her gift recipients, he asks Anna to be his date to his company Christmas party.  Her conclusion – everyone needs a week off work.  He pays her $30/hour, plus a bonus for her time at the Christmas party (he already paid her for the first gift).  With this bonus she looks at renting a 700 square foot studio apartment with brand new appliances in New York City – roughly $3,000/month.  Just how big was this bonus?  Me thinks Marc might be trying a little too hard.

Marc is now desperate for Anna to go out with him, so he invites her to meet his mother and sister– even though he barely talks to them.  Mother is so desperate for her son to have a family of his own, she already thinks of Anna as family.

In trying to woo Anna, Marc goes one-step too far, though, and steals one of Anna’s paintings and uses it for a future ad campaign.  Not only is that immoral, I’m fairly certain it’s illegal.  I guess he was going to pay for it, but that is beside the point.  Anna forgives him because this is a Hallmark movie she realizes he was trying to kick start her art career.

12 Gifts of Christmas is a traditional Hallmark movie, though Marc is far more aggressive about hitting on Anna than most tame male leads.  I expect to see Katrina Law in more Hallmark movies, though she is still behind Alicia Witt, Lacey Chabert, and Candace Cameron Bure.

Rating: 6.74

Ranking: 16

15. Trading Christmas

17. Holiday Engagement


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