Hallmark Movie Review: Crown for Christmas

Crown for Christmas

Aired: 11/27/15 on Hallmark Channel

Another Hallmark movie where a pretty American girl falls in love with a prince/king of a fictional European country.  Every year, Hallmark pushes one of these out.  It’s almost as if little girls dream of becoming princesses of fictional European kingdoms.

I haven’t seen The King and I, but the plot for Crown for Christmas is exactly like The King and I.  Allie Evans is derelict in her duties as a hotel maid in NYC and is rightfully fired since she let her sister skip work and Allie didn’t finish cleaning the rooms in time.  As “punishment,” she is hired to be the governess of a bratty little girl, Princess Theodora.  To everyone’s surprise, she gets along with Theodora, probably since Allie is a brat herself.  She drags the whole castle staff down with her, as she makes sure no one gets their jobs done by instigating a snowball fight.  To top it off, she tricks the king into falling in love with her and breaks up an arranged engagement with Lady Celia.  [/Full snark]

There is little difference between this princess/Christmas movie and the other princess/Christmas movies (with the added bonus of Christmas not playing a role in the plot).  If you liked them you’ll like Crown for Christmas.

Rating: 6.6

Ranking: 18t

18t. A Princess for Christmas

18t. Royal Christmas

  1. Christmas Under Wraps

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