Hallmark Movie Review: A Christmas Melody

Christmas melody

Aired: 12/18/15 on Hallmark Channel

A Christmas Melody is another Lacey Chabert Hallmark movie.  Does she do anything else?

Chabert’s fashion boutique in Los Angeles goes out of business, so she moves back to her hometown in Ohio [Worst State Ever] – much to the dismay of her daughter Emily.  Fortunately for Chabert, she has a gorgeous, furnished house that she can move into with no problems because it belonged to her late parents.

Emily has trouble adjusting to her new environment, but she learns to love Ohio [Worst State Ever] while she rehearses for a Christmas pageant.  The music teacher helps Emily write a song for the pageant, while trying to reconnect with Chabert, whom he had a crush on in High School.

There were continuity errors throughout (e.g. for two days they look for the Christmas decorations.  They probably couldn’t find them, because they were already up – the outside was completely decorated with garland and lights, and there was a wreath up on the door.)

The entire movie built to the song that Emily wrote for the Christmas pageant.  Then they completely botched it.  It was a poorly lip-synced, overly synthesized pop song.  We know that the little girl can sing – they showed us that earlier in the movie (Fina Strazza, the girl who played Emily also starred in Matilda The Musical on Broadway – so she can definitely sing).  There was no reason to lip-sync the song, or to make it a synthesized, auto-tune that buried a decent voice.  The music teacher who was supposed to be playing the piano was too busy kissing mom to actually play the piano during the song.

It is disappointing, A Christmas Melody held such promise, but failed when the time came to deliver on their promise.

Rating: 5.95

Ranking: 51

50. One Christmas Eve

52. Christmas Spirit



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