Hallmark Movie Review: Angel of Christmas


Aired: 11/29/15 on Hallmark Channel

Hallmark movies have a reputation for being rather boilerplate.  This reputation is not undeserved.  Angel of Christmas blends into the reputation so well it is rather blah.

Susan is a copy-editor, who through the magic of Hallmark, is able to afford a several-thousand-dollar a month apartment on what is sure to be a meager salary.  She wants to move up to get her own column for the newspaper.  Her editor agrees to give her an opportunity to write an article.  Susan decides to write about a family heirloom, a magical, wooden angel that has brought every member of the family together.  The magical angel directs her to her soul mate – the great-grandson of the woman who rejected Susan’s great-grandfather ninety years ago.

While the premise was interesting, and the angel’s magic directing Susan was entertaining, Angel of Christmas was thoroughly average.  I didn’t enjoy either of the main characters (Jennifer Finnigan and Jonathan Scarfe – even though Scarfe was in the enjoyable Love on the Air earlier this year.)  Other than that, I don’t have much to add, there wasn’t much to this movie one way or the other.

Rating: 6.09

Ranking: 43t

43t. Santa Switch

  1. Christmas Ornament

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