2015 Food Establishment of the Year

food of the year

This award goes to any food establishment – food truck, or brick and mortar location.  It also doesn’t matter if I have eaten there before or not, as long as I ate there during the past year.

Winner: Lola Mexican Fish House

Rating 7.9 (Review here)

Why it won: Good food, and good atmosphere

Runner-up: 1515 Restaurant

Rating: 7.5  (Review here)

Why it didn’t win: The food was as good as Lola, but overall I thought the value was better at Lola

Honorable Mention: Taco Fest food.  Why it didn’t win…

Dishonorable Mention: Taco Fest organization.  Just a disaster of an “organized” event.  40 minute plus waits just to get to a food truck.  I heard of two-hour waits just to get into the event.



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