2015 Movie of the Year

movie of the year

Much like Book of the Year, eligibility for this award goes to any movie I have seen for the first time this year regardless of release date.  I will caveat this by saying I have not seen Force Awakens yet.

Winner: The Martian

Rating: 9.0 (Review here)

Why it won: Prototypical example of how movies should be made.  It had a good story, acting, and special effects.  There was high tension, but comical moments.

Runner-up: St. Vincent

Rating: 7.5 (Review here)

Why it didn’t win: St. Vincent was funny, but the main character was unlikable – only saved by the incomparable Bill Murray

Dishonorable Mention: Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Rating 4.0 (Review here) Why I didn’t like it: Crude-humor movie that failed to live up the original.

It sure felt like I watched more movies than the 15 that I reviewed in the second half of the year, but that is it.  I might have to make a New Year’s Resolution to watch more movies.


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