2015 New TV Show of the Year

tv show of the year

Another Award – New TV Show of the Year.  Unlike the Book of the Year, this award goes to a show that premiered in 2015.  There were over 400 scripted shows on TV this year.  I did not watch all of them.  With the quantity of shows out there, new shows need to do something special to break into a very crowded lineup.

Winner: Mr. Robot

Rating: 8.0 (Review here)

Why it won: In the era of procedurals, this unique drama had the viewer constantly guessing – what’s real, what isn’t?

Runner-Up: Limitless

Rating: 7.5 (Improved from pilot rating of 6.51)

Why it didn’t win: As much as it improved from the pilot, it still amounted to little more than a procedural, but the humor and creativity were top notch.

Honorable Mention: Fargo – Season 2, is not technically eligible for the award, but with an entirely new cast, this is a almost a new show.  Rating: 7.0 Why it didn’t win: It isn’t eligible, but I might have made an exception right up until the UFO – seriously, what the heck was that?

Dishonorable Mention: Blood & Oil Rating 2.0 Review here Why I didn’t like it: Other than bad plot, characters, and dialogue this show was still bad.

There was more bad than good this year.  I hope the midseason replacements will do better.  The best show on TV remains The Americans with a rating of 9.0 (The Walking Dead is second with 8.5).


2 thoughts on “2015 New TV Show of the Year

  1. Happy with your top two. I would add “The Grinder” to the mix, but I know that you aren’t a sitcom person, so you are forgiven.


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