2015 Hallmark Movie(s) of the Year


The final awards of the year go to the best Hallmark movies of the year.  This year they cranked out 18 new Christmas movies, and another 18 non-holiday movies.  First up, the non-holiday awards.

Winner non-holiday category: I Do, I Do, I Do

Rating 7.3

Why it won: A groundhog-day type movie, repeating her wedding day over and over until she gets it right.  This movie was hilarious, but probably unintentionally so.

Runner-up: All of My Heart

Rating 7.25

Why it didn’t win: Genuine chemistry between the two leads and the best sidekick Hallmark has produced yet, but can’t overcome the sheer absurdity and hilarity of I Do, I Do, I Do.

Honorable Mention: Love on the Air

Rating 7.15 (review here)

Why it didn’t win: It was a tough year in the non-holiday category, and this likable film didn’t have the humor to beat I Do, I Do, I Do nor the characters to best All of My Heart .

Dishonorable Mention: So You Said Yes

Rating: 5.6

Why I didn’t like it: Kelly Martin plays a sanctimonious, arrogant, hypocrite, who thinks she knows it all, but is wrong almost every time.

Now for the Christmas Category, brought to you by Folgers fake-coffee.  Every movie this year had a warehouse-sized Folgers canister prominently displayed on the counter (sometimes with a random close-up of the “coffee.”)

Winner Holiday Category: On the Twelfth Day of Christmas

Rating: 7.15

Why it won: A logical and believable film (a rarity for Hallmark) with a solid enjoyable cast.  It represented Christmas well.  Review here.

Runner-up: 12 Gifts of Christmas

Rating: 6.74

Why it didn’t win: The conflict that arose was probably illegal.  All the characters reeked of desperation. Review here.

Honorable Mention: Crown for Christmas

Rating: 6.6

Why it didn’t win: It’s exactly like all the other princess movies.  Review here.

Dishonorable Mention: Karen Kingsbury’s The Bridge

Rating: NA

Why I didn’t like it: The logic was missing.  A couple has a miscarriage, so they decide to move to Tennessee from North Carolina to start a bookstore.  I imagine the book explained this decision a whole lot better than the movie.  It would be an injustice to dimensional space to describe the lead characters as flat.  Their personalities were null.  For a large portion of the movie, there was no conflict, perhaps because they decided to stretch this movie into two movies, to be continued in 2016 – seriously?  We have to wait a whole year to find out what happens?  I don’t care that much to wait.  No review, no rating until the


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