Hallmark Movie Review: Christmas Land



Aired: 12/20/15

Hallmark likes to recycle plots (see all the princess/royalty movies, e.g.)  It is rare though, that they have the same plot twice in the same year.  Christmas Land has the same plot as Northpole: Open for Christmas shown earlier this year: A woman inherits a Christmas location, her intention is to sell it, but then has a change of heart, yet sells it anyway, then the contract is torn up, happily ever after.

Jules inherits Christmas Land from her grandmother.  It is completely understandable that Jules would want to sell it – her life is in NYC, she has a new promotion and a boyfriend there.  Christmas Land is somewhere in the mountains (we are never told where), so she cannot have both – her life in New York and Christmas Land.  When she announces her intention to sell it and not re-open it, the townspeople are jerks to her.  Apparently, they cannot run Christmas Land without a figurehead.

Jules sells Christmas Land without reading the contract (a contract that was way too short, I think I filled out more paper work to adopt a cat than the contract she signed.  Real Estate contracts have dozens of pages to sign, but I digress.)  It comes as a surprise to her that the man she sold it to wants to develop the land and essentially tear down Christmas Land.  If she truly wanted to keep Christmas Land intact, she should have stipulated that in the contract – rather easy for her lawyer boyfriend to do– something as simple as the land shall not be subdivided, and/or Christmas Land is to be operated in perpetuity.

Since she did none of the smart things, she begs for the contract to be torn up – the new owner agrees, but only if she buys it back for nearly double the selling price.  She finds the money through an investor and with help from Christmas Land employees, who happen to have nearly $500,000 lying around.  Christmas Land must pay really well.

While the plots are the same, what separates Christmas Land from Northpole: Open for Christmas is the acting.  The acting in Christmas Land was a significant downgrade from Hallmark’s usual standard (take that however you want).

Rating: 5.55

Ranking: 62

61. Charming Christmas

63. Best Christmas Party Ever


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