TV Review: Angel from Hell

Angel from Hell

Airs: Mondays @ 9:30/8:30c on CBS

Review: Pilot

Like every sitcom so far this year, if you saw the trailer for Angel from Hell you saw the pilot episode.  There was very little of the episode that I hadn’t already seen in the trailer.  Since I don’t have any new information, it is tough to form an opinion.  I was intrigued by this show based on the trailer, and I still am – I want to see where this show goes before I make a final judgment.

Jane Lynch is Dr. Allison’s guardian angel, Amy.  Rather than guiding her from afar, giving her a nudge here and there, Amy takes the more direct approach.  Amy “accidentally” bumps into Dr. Allison everywhere Allison goes, giving off the creepy stalker vibe – Amy knows everything about Allison, including things that no one should know.  Amy has a sardonic wit that only Jane Lynch can pull off.

If you like Jane Lynch you will probably like her here.  I do worry that, based on the premise, the situations will annoy me (like I said in my Superstore post).  But, I do want to see a few more episodes (four episodes is my typical judgment cycle).  I considered giving this a pending rating, instead I will give it rating just below average.  I reserve the right to adjust it up or down based on the next few episodes.

WWYT Rating: 6.49

Nielsen Ratings: 1.6 – The lowest rating of CBS’ Thursday night comedy lineup.  Ratings typically decline following the premier, and with Shonda Rhimes shows off until February, the fortunes of Angel from Hell don’t seem rosy.  CBS already pushed the premier to January from November, so it probably has a short leash already.  Chances of renewal: 45%


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