Hallmark Movie Review: Love’s Complicated

Loves complicated

Aired: 1/9/16 on Hallmark Channel

Hallmark is in the midst of Winterfest movies, before switching over to their Countdown to Valentine’s Day or maybe it’s both right now.  Then I think they’ll take a break from new movies for a while (I suspect they’ll be off while Good Witch airs new episodes on Saturday nights).  Love’s Complicated is the second of these Winterfest/Valentine’s Day countdown movies (I have yet to watch the first one of the New Year).

Holly Marie Combs plays Leah, an author whose second book has no conflict, so her editor won’t publish it until there is a conflict.  Yes, the irony is thick enough to drown in.  Fortunately, I know how to swim.  In an effort to help Leah introduce conflict into her story, Leah’s boyfriend (soon to be fiancée) enrolls her in a conflict resolution class.  I have no idea why this would help her – maybe it would piss her off enough to get into a conflict?  Too bad she is so afraid of conflict that she doesn’t even know that she avoids conflict at every turn.  Throughout the class, she learns how to get what she wants (and how to figure out what she does want).  She dumps the now fiancée for a man in the class, leaving behind yet another jilted fiancée.  I wonder if Hallmark will have a movie called Jilted Fiancée where all the ex-boyfriends of Hallmark movies get together for a support group.  They will need a large stadium for the meetings.

Love’s Complicated is a series of random events that are loosely related to one another.  Why did the boyfriend enroll her in the conflict management class?  Why did Leah lie about who paid for the class (she said “second cousin”)?  The events are so random and convoluted it was more absurd than a sitcom.  Hallmark has done better, but it was good to see some new leads.  Future movies will feature Suits (x2) and The Walking Dead stars – I’m looking forward to that.  I still need to sit through a Luke Perry Hallmark movie first though.

Rating: 5.81

Ranking: 42

  1. The Magic of Ordinary Days

43t. Harvest Moon

43t. Banner 4th of July

43t. Love by the Book

43t. The Sweeter Side of Life

43t. Uncorked



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