TV Review: Shadowhunters


Airs: Tuesdays at 9pm EST on ABC Family Freeform

Review: Pilot episode

ABC Family has changed its name to Freeform.  I don’t know why they changed, but if Shadowhunters is any indication of the type of show on Freeform, I can probably delete the channel from my favorites.

Shadowhunters has three of my least favorite plot devices.  First, they open with a chase scene only to cut back to eight hours earlier.  If you have read anything I have ever posted, you know that I hate the flashback.

Next, the plot relies on Person A not telling Person B something.  Clary Fray has powers, but she doesn’t know this because her mother never tells her – for her “protection.”  This in no way protects her, because when she turns eighteen, Clary receives her powers whether mom wants her to or not.  Thus, Clary has no idea what is going on while the bad guys chase her and the MacGuffin.  She doesn’t know how to use her powers, because she doesn’t know she has them.  If you are mom, wouldn’t you be training your child for this moment – here’s what is going to happen (like Terminator 2) and prepare her for it when it does.  Instead, Clary is in more danger, because mom was “protecting” her by not telling her.

Finally, when mom does try to tell Clary about her powers, Clary ignores her.  If my mom (or anyone else) said, “we need to talk,” I would be flipping out, not brushing her off.  Even worse, Clary derides her friend for being so oblivious about other people’s emotions, yet she can’t even see that her mother is trying to tell her something important.  If mom and Clary are so close, why can’t Clary tell that something is seriously wrong?

Shadowhunters has some potential with the premise, but the show has the worst writing you can possibly have.  In addition to the above plot devices, the dialogue was positively dreadful.  This makes the show a no-go for me.

Rating: 3.0

Nielsen Rating: 0.8 This is one of ABC Family Freeform’s highest premieres in two years.  While I found the show to be rather dreadful, IMDB and rotten tomato ratings are average (in the 6-7 range).  This suggests that at least some of the audience will stick around for more.  Chances of renewal: 75%



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