TV Review: Second Chance

Second Chance

Airs: Wednesdays at 9/8c on FOX

Review: Pilot episode

The glut of midseason series premiers is underway.  Networks usually have lower hopes for midseason series; otherwise, they would put them in the fall lineup.  Things can work out for the midseason series, though.  For example, Empire started midseason last year then swam upstream gaining viewers until it became one of the highest scripted programs on TV.  Second Chance is one of the first of these midseason series.

Mary Goodwin (Dilshad Vadsaria, who played Rebecca Logan on one of my favorite guilty pleasures Greek), is dying of cancer.  The chemotherapy is no longer working.  Fortunately, she is a billionaire and has a loved one, Otto, who can’t/won’t let her go.  So they have developed a treatment to bring the dead back to life.  And not in a zombie-like way.  Otto moves into the human testing phase ahead of schedule by stealing a body.  They revive the dead body of a disgraced sheriff, Ray Pritchard, who was murdered while walking in on a robbery in his son’s home.  Ray was 75 years old is now in a 32-year-old body.  I probably didn’t pay enough attention, because I am utterly confused as to why it mattered that he was a “DNA match.”  (DNA match to what or who?)  Or, why his son doesn’t recognize him when he goes to tell him who murdered him.  I am certain I would recognize a younger version of my mother.  Is it a different body?  But then why was the old sheriff body in the rejuvenation tank?

Second Chance is an interesting concept – a second chance at life – especially for one who seems to regret his life choices the first time around.  However, I just can’t get past the son not recognizing his own father (he thinks it is maybe an illegitimate child of his father’s, but his reaction was extraordinarily muted.)  I think I am just confused, but I will give it a…second chance.

WWYT Rating: 5.9

Nielsen Ratings: 1.2 – Outside of the aforementioned Empire, FOX has really struggled with their scripted programming.  A 1.2 would probably be enough to get renewed, if it were to stay at that level.  As I’ve said many times, show typically drop after their premier (No, I can’t explain Empire).  Will it hang on to a solid rating?  Maybe.  I have seen many reviews with a wait and see approach, which means the next few episodes will be critical.  Chance of renewal 55%.


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