Hallmark Movie Review: Love on the Sidelines


Aired: 1/16/16 on Hallmark Channel

I am a little surprised that they didn’t air Love on the Sidelines on Super Bowl weekend (er, sorry, the weekend of the Big Game – the NFL is so obnoxious).  The movie is all about football after all.  Okay, so the movie is about a football player, there is very little actual football in it.  Okay, there are football players in it, and the movie is about someone who knows nothing about football.

Laurel (played by Emily Kinney of The Walking Dead) is unemployed and looking for a new roommate.  Laurel meets with a potential roommate, Patty.  Patty is a personal assistant, and though Laurel literally only says one sentence to her during the roommate interview, Patty decides that Laurel would “make a perfect personal assistant.”  Patty’s recommendation carries so much weight that Laurel gets the job despite having no skills other than “really needs the job.”  I wish getting a job were that easy.

Laurel gets her first assignment as the personal assistant to the star quarterback of the local football team, Danny, who is laid up with an injury.  Laurel knows nothing about football, nor does she know anything about being a personal assistant.  This makes her terrible at her job.  Meanwhile, Danny doesn’t want a female assistant because she isn’t allowed in the locker room.  It seems like the movie should end right there, but it continues – Laurel learns about football and being a personal assistant.  Danny is still a jerk, but they fall in love anyway.

Love on the Sidelines falls right in the middle of the Hallmark pack.  I laughed at it a couple times, which is more than I can say for most of the Hallmark fare.

Rating: 6.11

Ranking: 30

  1. Just the Way You Are

31t. Cloudy with a Chance of Love

31t. Stranded in Paradise

31t. The Wish List



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