Movie Review: The Adjustment Bureau


Released: 3/4/2011

Free will vs. determinism.  That is the focus of The Adjustment Bureau.  Everyone’s life has a plan (i.e. predetermined), and the adjustment bureau helps keep everyone on that plan with subtle adjustments.  David Norris (Matt Damon) catches the agents (i.e. angels) making one of these adjustments shortly after his failed bid for the senate.  The agents capture him and tell him that the woman of his dreams, Elise (Emily Blunt) is not a part of his plan and they will do everything possible to keep them apart.

What would you do?  You would try to find her anyway, right?  She’s the woman of your dreams.  Three years of riding the same bus every day, Norris finally runs into Elise by chance.  Nothing will keep him from her now, not even the agents of the adjustment bureau.  Except they have one last trick up their sleeve; Norris is destined to become president of the USA, while Elise is destined to become one of the best, most famous dance choreographers in the world.  As long as they’re apart.  Do you ruin her dreams as well as yours just to be together?  He can’t tell her any of this, otherwise the agents will erase his memory.

I always give bonus points for creativity, and The Adjustment Bureau is one of the more creative movies I have seen in a while.  While the dream girl vs. dream job can sometimes be a false dichotomy, the movie does well to establish this as a true dilemma.  It is somewhat formulaic after the original premise, but the chase sequences are fun anyway.  If you are looking for something a little different, give The Adjustment Bureau a chance.

WWYT Rating: 8.1

IMDB Rating: 7.1


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